We started farming because we were tired of food we were afraid to eat.  One of us is a Chef, the other a Farmer, and we've combined our passions to grow amazing food.  Our small-scale farm features a big garden and lots of different animals: pigs, chickens, worms, and soon we'll have sheep and rabbits.  Our practices are pasture-based, and our products are free from preservatives, nitrates, fillers, MSG and pharmaceutical products.  We are focused on providing a happy and stress-free life for our animals, and meat that is of exquisite quality.
In addition to picking up at the farm in Denver, you can also pick up orders placed by noon on Saturdays between 3pm Wednesday and noon on Friday of the following week at our Common Market pick-up location.  Please make sure you enter "For CMMC Pick-up" in the additional details field.  The address is 2007 Commonwealth Ave., Charlotte (Commonwealth & Thomas).  Farm pick-ups are arranged after orders are placed.  For both of these please select the "I will pick up my order at the farm" option when placing your order.

About Products & Animals

The mainstay of our farm is the Tamworth hog.  This relatively rare breed is known for its excellent mothering ability, disease resistance, and outstanding meat quality.  It's a "bacon-type" hog, lean and long in body conformation.   We raise our animals on pasture, and do not feed them antibiotics, hormones or synthetic growth stimulants.  In addition to our locally milled feeds, the hogs eat organic vegetables, pasture forages, acorns and hickory nuts.  Our hogs are processed at a local USDA-inspected facility, and most cuts of meat are vacuum-packed for maximum freshness and long storage life.  None of our products contain preservatives, nitrates, fillers, MSG or pharmaceutical residues.

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